At Rosestone Jewelry, we embue every engagement ring, wedding band and other piece of fine jewelry with a beautiful story. The best way to elicit your perfect story is by working with your jeweler and custom designing your piece. We have created hundreds of custom wedding and engagement rings as well as other fine jewelry over the years – incorporating stones, designs, and ideas for almost every budget. We work with a variety of materials, including platinum, white gold, and sterling silver, and a wide array of stones.

Generally, every custom piece follows the same global process.

Step 1


First, the client provides the seed of inspiration by offering sketches, design motifs, pictures, or even stories.  If you don’t have a fully formed idea, don’t worry!  Crafting the perfect piece of jewelry is a dynamic process and our expert designers will work with you every step of the way.

Step 2

LotusEngagementRingCADWith all of the creative inspiration, your Rosestone designer will put together a hand sketch or 3d computer modeling of your piece.  Here you will see your design elements come to life.  Once the vision is refined with your feedback, our team moves on to the fabrication process.

Step 3


Creating a physical piece of jewelry is a fascinating and involved process including wax models, molten metal, and countless hours of detailed attention.  Click here for a deeper insight and perspective into how we craft our magic.



After painstakingly meticulous hand-chasing, engraving, detailing, and polishing, your piece is complete!  Now the stage is set for your special occasion with your special someone.

Click here for a more detailed explanation on the process of creating a ring and what makes Rosestone Jewelry different.