Custom Bridal Jewelry Crafted in San Diego, CA

In addition to the more traditional engagement rings and wedding bands, Rosestone Jewelry is proud to design and create more unique custom bridal jewelry. From headdress tiaras to elaborate earrings, unleash your creativity and Rosestone will bring your artistic vision to life. All fine bridal jewelry is proudly designed and manufactured in San Diego, California.

Jesh is an absolute master craftsmen and an incredible person. He married my creative vision and specific requirements with so much elegance that the final piece is more stunning than I could have ever imagined. It is absolutely perfect in every way and she loves it.
Henry F. - San Diego, CA

Art Nouveau Choker – “Golden State”

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Winner of the 2010 Bench Jewelers Passion Award Design Contest, Award of Merit for Ladies [...]

Dragon Egg Sunstone Pendant

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This unique Art Nouveau pendant was created as an engagement piece and was inspired [...]

Ethiopian Opal Tiara

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This headpiece was inspired by the Elven princess from Lord of the Rings. It [...]

Neo-Victorian Necklace

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This Neo-Victorian necklace, complete with the Les Feuilles Earrings, represents an exclamation at the [...]

Les Feuilles Earrings

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These Neo-Victorian earrings, complete with the Neo-Victorian Necklace, represents the burbling fountain of life. [...]

Silver State Necklace

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Originally inspired by the Golden State necklace, this Art Nouveau choker highlights floral and [...]