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Getting Started

That’s okay.  I’m here to be your expert.  I’ve spent 20 years studying jewelry design and creation and I am happy to answer any questions you have.  You can also use the resources on this site to learn as much as you want to know or you can tell me your parameters and trust me to make choices on your behalf.
As your designer the first thing I need to know is what is meaningful for you.  Jewelry is a symbol – it conveys a meaning for the person who wears it and a message for those who see it.  What symbols, signs, images, and concepts are powerful for you or the person you are having the piece made for?  If you need help generating ideas, you can use Google image search or Pinterest to find pictures of elements that inspire you.  Your inspiration can come from nature, architecture, automobiles, my jewelry, and other jewelry designs.  I once designed a wedding pendant inspired by the bride’s pet bearded dragon lizard.

Because you are getting a custom piece we are able to craft a personal meaning for you specific to this jewelry piece.  After we discuss the meaning of your piece we will talk about materials ( white, yellow, or rose gold, or maybe platinum) and gems (what types, how many, and how large?).   Then I will draw something for you and we’ll talk about the sketch.  Most of my clients find the process to be really fun.  To see a detailed explanation of the creation process with pictures, click here.



Let us know first thing if you are working with a deadline or timeframe.  We are usually able to come up with a solution that fits.

Otherwise, the initial sketch may be finished in a single meeting or may involve a back and forth over many months depending on the client’s creative process. Once you have approved the design, most projects take about 6 weeks to complete.



Not necessarily.  There are certain types of jewelry that are very cheap because they are mass produced in huge factories in third-world countries.  For a lot of jewelry however, I am actually able to offer a higher quality product for less money because I don’t have the high overhead costs in rent, advertising, and sales staff that large retailers have.  Most of my custom designs sell for 2,000-3,000 dollars not including the center-stone.
This is a very personal decision and will vary depending on your specific circumstances.  De Beers (the largest diamond dealer in the world) spent a lot of money convincing the public that a man should spend 2-3 months salary on the engagement ring.  But getting married and starting a life together can be vary expensive and I’m going to be able to get you a lot more diamond or sapphire for your money than you would get at a major retailer, so I would recommend spending about half that much.

In 2011 released a report with these averages for the American engagement ring:

  • Cost- $5200
  • Carat- 1ct center .40ct sides stones
  • Stone Shape- 53% round  30% princess
  • White gold 73%
  • 12% of couples bought in the luxury (8k+) market where the average engagement ring price was $13,500


We welcome cash, check, wire-transfers ($20 bank fee) or major credit cards.  We also offer some of the best trade-in value in the industry on unwanted gold or platinum jewelry

50% payment is due up front to secure materials and time with the balance to be paid on completion of the project.

8% sales tax will be charged for orders picked up locally or shipped to a California address.


We always send our packages with insured, overnight delivery via UPS. We send you the tracking number the day we send the package and you can watch its progress online. To date, our shipping success rate is 100% so you can rest assured your piece will get to you exactly as you expect.
So far I have worked with clients in Canada and Australia and I am thrilled to have international clients.  It is not simple to do but I am happy to work with you to make it happen.  However, you will be responsible for any additional fees associated with shipping or duty/import taxes and tariffs.