Your main considerations when choosing a ring are symbolism, style, craftsmanship, price and materials. And, of course, the elusive WOW factor that’s difficult to put in words.


All engagement rings and wedding bands are made to symbolize your enduring love and commitment to one another. The joy of having a custom piece is that you can incorporate elements that are specific to you and your relationship. Think about the recurring themes and powerful symbols in your relationship and make sure to communicate them early in your design or selection process. Symbols that Rosestone Jewelry has worked with in the past include: Tree of Life, Claddagh, Lotus, Sun and Animals.


Your ring needs to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the person who is going to wear it. This is partially driven by aesthetics – some styles are more likely to speak to you than others – and partially driven by function – medical professionals require rings that won’t rip their gloves so only certain types of styles and settings will work. Aesthetic styles that Rosestone Jewelry specializes in are Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, with cultural themes drawing from Celtic, Persian, and Japanese traditions.


Most women and men wear their wedding jewelry for their entire lives, so you want to be sure your piece is crafted with quality and made to last. Mass produced jewelry is designed to have flattened finishes to streamline the polishing process, whereas Rosestone Jewelry uses hundreds of tools to hand polish and hand finish each piece to elicit the greatest depth of detail. When you compare the rings side-by-side, the contrast is shocking. Click here to see Rosestone’s detailed creation process and make sure you have pride and trust in what you wear.

Value & Price

Big box and retail jewelers are focused on volume and maximizing their markup while luxury brands have spent lots of marketing dollars that your purchase is subsidizing. Many jewelry stores view a ring as a simple frame to hold your diamond on your finger. That means you can pay less for a custom designed ring and get better value and quality. At Rosestone, we regard your ring as a whole where the craftsmanship of the metal is just as important as the sparkle of the stones. A typical Rosestone engagement ring costs between $1,800 and $3,800, not including the center stone. In choosing your ring, make sure you get the quality you are paying for.


This consideration impacts style, value, and cost. There are many options, but there is a reason why the classics are popular for generations. Some materials cost the same and are purely a function of taste, such as white gold, yellow, or red gold. Other materials will significantly impact your budget, such as platinum. There are hundreds of beautiful gemstones but diamonds and sapphires are the toughest and longest lasting. Diamond is ten times harder than sapphire, which is ten times harder than the next hardest gems. Be confident that you are using the materials that resonate with your creative vision.

WOW Factor

Do you love the design and want to wear your ring every day? Your jewelry is a celebration of your love – it should be beautiful, fun, and meaningful to you. Listen to your intuition and you’ll know right away if a ring resonates with you.