The Neo-Classical is a beautiful style of art because it speaks to the joyous discovery of geometry in nature and the beauty of proportion and balance. Inspired by Greek Humanism, neo-classical pieces integrate the world of man – strong, bold architectural elements – with the natural world – flowing, organic details such as acanthus leaves and wreaths. Rosestone Jewelry incorporates neo-classical elements frequently due to their ability to convey timeless stateliness and eternal ideals.

Undulating Scroll Men’s Band

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This organic men's band showcases hand-engraved rolling scrolls. The infinitely undulating form symbolizes the [...]

Acanthus Leaf Men’s Wedding Band

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This neo-classical engagement ring features the acanthus leaf, a symbol traditionally associated with masculinity [...]

Men’s Diamond Wedding Ring

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This classically inspired wedding band incorporates organic leaf motifs and hand-carved vine borders. This [...]

Victorian Solitaire Arch Ring

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This classically Victorian engagement ring balances architectural and natural themes to offer a festive, [...]

Papyrus Art Deco Engagement Ring

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This intricately detailed Art Deco engagement ring features a traditional Egyptian Papyrus motif framed [...]