The Art Nouveau style embodies a doorway to the world of imagination through nature. Art Nouveau pieces are sensual and intimate as they transport us to a realm of fantasy where magic is alive and thriving. Art Nouveau celebrates man as a part of nature where are all are part of a larger reality. Many Rosestone pieces are crafted in the Art Nouveau style to celebrate our connection to the natural world.

3 Stone Floral Scroll Ring


This classically inspired engagement ring incorporates natural themes of flowers, leaves, and winding vine [...]

Ethiopian Opal Tiara

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This headpiece was inspired by the Elven princess from Lord of the Rings. It [...]

Art Nouveau Engagement Ring

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This 3-stone diamond, sapphire engagement ring is rendered in an organic Art Nouveau style. [...]

Art Nouveau Wedding Band

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This Art Nouveau wedding band is a shadow ring where the single cabachon sapphire [...]

Dragon Egg Sunstone Pendant

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This unique Art Nouveau pendant was created as an engagement piece and was inspired [...]

Papyrus Art Deco Engagement Ring

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This intricately detailed Art Deco engagement ring features a traditional Egyptian Papyrus motif framed [...]

Les Feuilles Earrings

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These Neo-Victorian earrings, complete with the Neo-Victorian Necklace, represents the burbling fountain of life. [...]

Art Nouveau Choker – “Golden State”

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Winner of the 2010 Bench Jewelers Passion Award Design Contest, Award of Merit for Ladies [...]